Don’t Forget To Reward Yourself!

So in this week’s blog I want to talk about the importance of rewarding yourself.

Now I know I harp on and preach about the importance of setting goals and creating plans and taking action but really when you think about it is any of it really worth it unless you reward yourself for all of your hard work and get some sort of fulfilment from the journey?

Many people would answer no.

So how do you reward yourself?

Well for everybody it’s different, it’s really a personal choice something that’s unique to you and something that ultimately is going to make you feel that all of your efforts are worthwhile. For some people a reward could be big, for some people it could be small, for some it could be expensive, for others it could be free, it’s completely & utterly unique to you as an individual.

So here’s an example for me.

As you’ve read in previous blogs working out & training is a large part of my life, it always has been and always will be. Now any of you that are reading this who workout will know that unsurprisingly it’s hard work, you train five or six times a week, lift weights, hit cardio, eat clean and you do it all because you want to better yourself and improve that area of your life; but you also need to have a life! So to reward myself for putting in the effort during the week every Friday me & my Wife have what we call ‘Fat Boy Friday’ which is effectively a cheat day where on Friday evenings we can eat whatever we like, sometimes we’ll put on a DVD and have a night in and that for me is something to look forward to and something that makes it all worthwhile. However the next day for me it’s straight back to business!

Now that’s just my example covering training, if for example you are trying to take control of your finances & maybe save for something special or maybe even pay off your debts instead of just setting goals, creating a plan and taking action at certain milestones along the way reward yourself by doing something you enjoy, not only is it a great way of tracking your progress but it’s also incredible for maintaining your motivation & keeping your spirits up.

I have not only my immediate family to thank but also my extended social media family to thank for constantly reminding me about this. Sometimes I get so focused and so driven to achieve the goals I set myself that I forget to enjoy the journey I’m on to attain them, it’s an area in my life I’m not afraid to admit I’m weak in, but it’s also an area I’m not afraid to improve in.

I read a famous quote once and I forget who it was from but it said:

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”

Every now and again we all need to stop, check in with ourselves, make sure we’re still on track but also remember to enjoy ourselves and to enjoy our lives & rewarding our efforts is just one of the ways to do that.

That being said next week I’m taking a bit of a break with my family so I can put in the time as a dad, put in the time as a husband and really just use that week as a reward for myself for busting my ass building my career for the last few years.

If you’re reading this and you can relate to it please just take my advice and schedule in that reward/rewards whatever it may be and take some time to enjoy yourself before you hit meltdown & burnout, but……… don’t reward yourself too much this ain’t no funfair you still gotta work hard for those things you wanna get out of life.

Have a great week and start Monday morning strong!!!

Until next time



P.S Here are a few ideas on ways to reward yourself:

1) Have a night out

2) Get out of bed late

3) Read a book

4) Go to the cinema

5) Have a meal with a friend

6) Buy yourself a present

7) By someone else a present

8) Go away for the weekend

9) Play video games



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