Mark – in 30 years of our conference we have never had two standing ovations.

Delegates still talk about you 2 and 3 years on.

You are a treasure, a delight, a great metaphor for what can be.

I know it was 2 years ago but I am chairing it this year and a mutual friend is speaking.

– Mark Allen


Brad Burton shared your page on FB, I read it and was feeling sorry for myself after having a dodgy Christmas lunch yesterday and thinking am I going to make it with my new company I am opening up in thee countries as its starting to get tough.

Then I read your story and thought I can do this standing on my head.

You are an amazing inspiration to all of us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

-Petrina Baldwin


Love you man!!!



Inspiring, belief and a will to go on and conquer adversity.

You could be a Sapper?

Truly a legend



Mark I wish you and your lovely family a very.

Happy Christmas & Happy & Healthy New Year

All the breat Oppo

Rod & Rose &from North East Essex RMA.



Most inspired man I have had the pleasure to meet.

-Keith Faye


Thank you Mark, my total RESPECT, I wish you well and all that you seek.

Thank you soldier.

-Colin J Dalby


Mark.. You are a true inspiration for good

-Denis Lindberg


Hello Mark

I was a National Service “Bootneck” in 1958 serving aboard HMS Newcastle, scrapped the year after we sailed it home from the Far East. A holiday cruise when compared to what you went through in Afghanistan. When I met you at the annual reunion in Lympstone a couple of years ago I very nearly burst out into tears when I saw you in your wheelchair and introduced myself.

I’ll cut this short, as I know you are a very busy man and I have just been reading about the cost of some new legs which sounds as though you are expected to pay for them yourself? What a country this is eh! Fight your balls off then fight some more to get looked after!

I am a pensioner, not a rich one, but I would like to make a small donation towards these legs, and I would also try to get a few donations from a few mates of mine. I have not found any address, tel. number etc… on the Internet to say where these donations should be sent to and I look forward to some sort of reply.

Keep up the good work pal and good luck.

Alan Hawkes (RM132790) The only bloody number I can remember.

-Alan Hawkes


Cheers Royal, as a Bootneck of the early 60’s I must be one of the few who heard only one(1) shot fired in anger. That was at the gash truck!!

-Bryn Hodds


Your story moved and inspired me. My Dad is a 91 year old World War 2 Royal Marine veteran, and we still come down for the RMA reunion at Lympstone each year. He now faces the challenges of old age, but I will show him your story and I am sure it will inspire him too. Good luck for the future.

-Janet Woollacott


Good on you Royal a true inspiration !!

-Brett ‘Eddie’ Waring (ex 45 CDO 90-96)


God Bless you Mark. I left the Military in 1969, my admiration for the work you are doing. A man of substance.

-Victor Graham–Hole


Morning Mark, I work with people traumatised by life PTSD, depression & many forms of abuse~ you are exceptional in all ways, mentally to rebuild your life & mindset & create a new way to live….. Extraordinary on every level, mentally, physically & emotionally, thank you for sharing your story! X



Thank you Mark. What an inspirational, well presented talk. Remember, you’re not DISabled, you’re RE-abled!

-Geoff Johnson


Attended a presentation from you yesterday at Barnet. I have recently been diagnosed with a debilitating lung condition and had been feeling very depressed over the prospect. You are an inspiration and made me realise that whatever the future it is always necessary to be positive.

Thanks Mark.

-John H


What defines a person is NOT their past, but their present and their future, Mark .. you are SO spot-on as ever ?



You are a true inspiration. I remember when you came to our school to do a talk in Singapore and I vividly remember how interesting and inspiring it was! I have read your book so many times and everytime I read it, it inspires me more and more. Thanks for inspiring me to persevere and that when you set your mind to something you can do anything.

-Kathleen Bowskill


My boy came back from Op Herrick 09 with brain injuries and he started to read your book in rehab, it’s took him a while but gave him the courage to feel ok again . As he says when he’s having a bad day he puts his green lid on for a pick up .



Having been inspired by the book and your talk in Singapore, I look forward to the blog.

All the best Mark and family

-Tim Hill