Haters, Doubters & Trolls

You know one of the things about social media is that when you use it you put yourself out there & sometimes you leave yourself open to criticism. Even if your intentions are good you’ll always get those people (usually the ones who aren’t happy with their own lives) that want to try & tear you down, make negative comments or just aggravate & troll you either because they genuinely believe what they’re saying or purely for no other reason than they don’t like you (hey not everybody will).

Now over the years I’ve fell victim to this myself, I’ve tried to be positive, do the right thing, move my life in the right direction & sometimes it’s attracted criticism & for a while I used to take it personally so I would try to change myself. After that I started to get angry because it felt like no matter what I did someone, somewhere thought it was wrong & then one day I just accepted it & realised that it didn’t matter what these people said because to be perfectly honest what other people think of me really is none of my business.

Now over the years since accepting & ignoring this I’ve been able to continue moving forward, I’ve continued to grow & I’ve continued to improve myself & build the kind of life that me & my family deserve & the funny thing is I’ve re-connected with some of these people from my past & they’re still in the exact same place they were 5 sometimes even 10 years ago, some are in an even worse position & they’re attitudes remained exactly the same.

So what’s my point? My point is that if this has ever happened to you then just ignore those people that try to tear you down even if they’re extremely close to you & continue down the path that you feel in your heart is the right one. Be who YOU want to be!

Two great pieces of advice I live by are this:

“What other people think of me is none of my business”

“The best way to get back at those who criticise you is to be successful & live your life in a way that they can’t”

Have a great week

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