Health Is Wealth

So in this week’s blog I wanted to talk to you about the concept that health is wealth!

Now I know a lot of you reading this will be scratching your heads and thinking “well isn’t wealth all about money” and you’d be right, traditionally when we talk about wealth we’re referring to money & generally we think about how wealthy a person is in terms of their net worth & their physical assets, but what about their physical body?

Now we’ve all heard the term “money can’t buy happiness” and to an extent I believe that to be true after all you hear on the news regularly about celebrities & pop stars who appear to ‘have it all’ but end up going off the rails. Now from an outward perspective it would appear they have the perfect life, but in reality they struggle to cope mentally. Well what about if you had all of the money in the world, you lived the perfect life, you handled everything fine mentally but you were too sick to enjoy any of it! What if you were too overweight to fit into your Lamborghini, or you weren’t fit enough to keep up with your children running around the park (or even in the garden), what if poor health kept you bed ridden & it seemed like everyone else was benefiting from your success & wealth except you! Would you really consider yourself wealthy? That’s why it’s so important to take care of your physical health, not only so you can enjoy your successes in life but so you can also enjoy everything else that life has to offer.

I was at a seminar recently & I was listening to a story, it was a story that I had actually heard before, but the moral of the story is profound.

It was about a man & his family who were in Las Vegas & about to go & watch the world famous Cirque Du Soleil. When they took their seats there were 3 empty chairs beside them reserved for a VIP & the show wasn’t going to start until the VIP arrived. After a little while the room went silent as the VIP entered and as he did someone leaned across to the man with his family & whispered “Here comes Mr.. ……(I forget his name), he’s the wealthiest man in Canada” at which point the man & his family turn around to see a gentleman in his early 50’s who was extremely overweight & was walking with a cane to help to support him, at that moment the man with his family turned back to the guy that whispered & said “that isn’t the wealthiest man in Canada, he may have a lot of money but how wealthy can you truly be when you’re that unhealthy”

That’s a very hard hitting message & I’m sure you’ll agree with the morale of it. Oh & just so you know all three of the seats that were empty were just for him! That’s not true wealth!

Good health I believe is the foundation for improving & enjoying every other area of your life & I believe that if you have poor health it can be the root cause of a lot of your problems. Just think about it for a minute… If you abuse your body with things like alcohol, cigarettes and fatty foods eventually its going to catch up with you, it could cause you to have to take time off work due to sickness or ill health, that time off may be short term it may be long term or in the worst case scenario it could even cause you to lose your job altogether which in turn can lead to self esteem problems, family stress, financial problems & even possibly losing your home the list is endless & all because you failed to build a solid foundation of good health to give your body the energy & vitality it needs to function at its very best.

Now I know that may sound extreme and there are a lot of people out there that like to live for the moment, hell I know I do but the reality of it is that’s the kind of thing that could actually happen when you neglect your health.

Now I’m not saying that you have to go cold turkey & give up all of life’s pleasures & vices but perhaps maybe together we could make a conscious choice to implement a few small but positive changes into our lives that are going to have some long term benefits, its really not that hard & just to give you a heads up here are a few examples:

-Instead of taking the elevator when you get to work take the stairs

-Cut just one coffee or soft drink out of your daily routine (to start with)

-Drink more water

-Put the effort in to start the day with a wholesome breakfast

-Take 1-2 exercise classes a week

-Get good, solid rest when you sleep

-Stretch you body at the start and end of the day

-Carry some healthy snacks to eat when you’re hungry (there are some really good ones out there these days)

-Take the right supplements/vitamins

-Get some fresh air

-WALK places instead of driving all of the time

These are just a few ideas that I believe anybody can implement into their lives with ease & with the Internet literally at our finger tips these days it only takes a minute or two to find a much more extensive list of helpful hints & advice to help improve your health.

Remember, your body is an incredible machine that is capable of just about anything so make sure that you treat it the right way if you really want to get the most out of it. If you struggle to find the motivation to live a healthier life then just take 5 minutes to think bout how lucky you are to be walking, talking & thinking freely, there are thousands of people that are born or who suffer some form of disability later in life that aren’t as fortunate as you & I so don’t take your body for granted, it’s the only one you’ll get………


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