Taking Time To Chill

Alright, so I know it’s been a little while since I last blogged (I think I say that everytime I blog) and if you guys follow me on social media you’ll understand why as I seem to be all over the place so it’s a struggle to try and fit it all in, but excuses aside here I am & I’ve got a little bit of time now and I wanna take that time to catch up with you all.

The thing I wanted to talk about today is taking time out to relax especially if you’re an entreprenuer or someone who is goal driven or an overachiever. I know what you’re thinking, me talking about taking time out to relax is like a bodybuilder telling you to do crossfit but believe me every now and again I do take my own advice & recently I’ve really enjoyed the rewards of it.

Now, I know everyone’s busy these days and life is quite hectic, there are a million and one things to do every day, everyone has important responsibilities to their work, to their children, to their family to their friends & sometimes people even find the time to fit in volunteer work but what I want to talk about today is taking the time out of that busy schedule and having some time to relax.

Now I’m the worst person in the world for NOT doing this and it’s only recently that I realised just how important it is and how much it helps me to recharge both mentally & physically and if I’m honest even a little bit spiritually.

So like I said I’m quite busy a lot of time, I spin multiple plates with family, friends, multiple projects, I have multiple small businesses to run, I do a lot of the travelling as a speaker as well as all of the charity work I do, I dedicate time as I’m committed to staying fit & working out 5-6 times a week & not forgetting that I actually hold down a fulltime job with The Royal Marines Associaton as well. As you can imagine things get pretty hectic and sometimes it all gets very overwhelming & because of the day and age that we live in & to enable me to manage all of this I can sometimes spend a lot of time either attached to a computer, a tablet or a smart phone. Now I know a lot of you have probably experienced this for yourself where you’ve been sat there looking at your to-do-list, staring at your computer screen trying to get going & 4hrs later you sit there angry and frustrated that you’ve made no progress at all & just wasted half the day, it used to happen to me a lot.

What I found recently that has really helped me to overcome that is the benefits of taking some time out.

Now if you’re anything like me the thought of taking time out, not working on your goals or putting in the hours to get things done can seem a hard thing to fathom but in my experience the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

So a couple of weeks ago I was asked to help The Royal Marines Shop (www.royalmarinesshop.com) model their new range of clothing that they were putting on line. I had a huge amount of work to do (like normal) & the thought of taking two whole days out to get some photo’s taken at the time seemed like a real waste of my time. The thing is though I was actually starting to feel overwhelmed with my work load and like I couldn’t think straight to develop a clear plan to get it all done so I decided to give it a go & put away the laptop & phone to go off grid for two days.

So I spent the next two days out on the water with serving & retired Royal Marines bouncing around the coast of Plymouth on raiding crafts visiting various locations and holding these photoshoots and just a few hours into it the overwhelm I had previously felt began to dissapear, I started to let my mind wander and actually took the time to look around and appreciate all of the things around me and the actual experience that I was having which I’m sure thousands of people would have loved to have the chance to do.

What I found after those two days was that without being stuck at a computer fire fighting emails, without being at the mercy of my mobile phone, without feeling the need to instantly reply to all of the social media messages that I get it gave me time to clear my mind and to refocus and in turn it had an incredible effect on my body.

After those two days when I went back to work I was refreshed, my head was clear, my body felt rested and I achieved more the following day than I had in the previous week all because I just took the time to pull myself off the hamster wheel & de-fog.

I’ve also just returned from a family holiday where I employed the same tactics & it was great, I had fun, I was more present, I feel I connected with my family better & again I came back feeling refreshed, more focused and ready to go.

So whats my point?

Don’t mistake being busy with being productive, so often nowadays we feel the need to always be doing something even if we know we’re not making any progress. Sometimes the most productive thing that we can do is take 5 minutes out, the world isn’t going to crumble down around you, it’s ok to chill out every once in a while & its unlikely that anything major is going to go wrong (unless you’re a brain surgeon then please work until you’re done). We need that time to unwind, its not healthy to be going full on all of the time & a lot of the time its not that productive anyway.

So just a short blog and just a bit of advice from my experience if you feel overwhelmed, overworked, frustrated & like you’re not making any progress then take that leap of faith to chill for a minute.

Every once in a while down tools, put the phone down, turn your email off, go out, catch up with friends, have a coffee, go to the gym, go out there and train or whatever it is you like to do and then comeback with a clear head and a clear plan, but don’t do it too often because we’ve still gotta hustle everyday if we want to achive our goals, create our ideal lives and become the ultimate versions of ourselves.