Tips For Better Health (Part 2)

OK guys I’m back with the second part of my latest blog ‘Tips For Better Health’ it was quite a long blog so I though it would be better broken down into a two part series.

I’m really keen to know did any of you implement any of the tips into your routine? Did they work? Like I said before these are things that have really helped me in my life & with being an athlete & having the extra stresses and strains on my body from being a full time prosthetic user these things are crucial for me to keep running at full speed, I really hope they have helped some of you.

Anyway heres part 2, I hope you find these useful & again I hope you implement some of these into your own routines and really see & feel the benefits.


Reduce stress by being better organised

This is a major skill I learnt very early on in the military and it has never, ever left me. Being well organised can literally change your life & it’s a learnable skill that you can improve on with practice.

Those parents reading this will all relate but how many times has the alarm gone off late (or not at all!), you’ve jumped out of bed, rushed around getting all the kids out of bed, thrown their breakfast together whilst at the same time ironing their uniform, looking for their book bags, making their lunches then throwing them in the car whilst racing out the street only to get stuck in traffic, drop them to school late and end up late for work! Now sometimes being late due to circumstances outside your control is inevitable but the sense of panic, anxiety & stress you feel can be managed if you just take the time to be better organized.

For this example in particular just spending 20 minutes or so the night before getting everything ready can really help with that morning routine & cut down on the stress. I’m a real geek when it comes to this stuff, I’ll have my gym kit ready, my clothes for the day ready, my day is pre-planned & scheduled in my diary, anything I struggle with is delegated to someone else & I’m generally as organised as I can be from day to day. Now not everyday is going to go to plan but this is a blog to help improve your health & if you’re pro-active with this and get good at it you’ll vastly reduce the stress in your life which ultimately means better health.

Set yourself goals

Ever seen that person who gets ill or faces a major trauma in their life & instantly quits & gives up on everything? What happens? They deteriorate as they feel there’s no hope so there’s no point in trying & a lot of the time they wither & succumb to their circumstances early. On the other hand have you ever seen that person who faces the same set of circumstances but sets themselves goals & has a focus & direction? What happens to them? They thrive!

You don’t have to be ill or have faced trauma for this to be true in your life so get out there and set yourself some goals in all of the areas of your life which are important to you. Once you have goals it awakens a drive inside you and makes you feel alive & like you have a massive purpose and as you move towards their achievement & you grow & progress the fulfillment & excitement in your life increases & it can almost become addictive (but in a positive way). Now you may not always achieve your goals (I know I certainly haven’t) but if you aim at nothing you’ll hit nothing & again in terms of your health this will make you feel more alive, it’ll challenge you, excite you & make you feel alive, the way you’re suppose to feel.

Laugh more

They do say that laughter is the best medicine & its been scientifically proven to help improve your health so stop taking everything so seriously, especially yourself. Laugh at things that maybe you want to cry about, don’t sweat the small things, enjoy yourself & try to laugh about something at least once a day.

Contribute, give something back.

You can have all of the money, riches, fame and fortune in the world but you’ll never truly be fulfilled unless you do something to help someone who needs it. Now it could be a friend, a family member, a stranger, a charity it doesn’t matter but we all know that feeling we get when we do a good deed & that’s how you improve the health of your soul.

I hope you guys all found these blogs useful, these are things I regularly implement into my own life which I’ve found have had a profoundly positive impact on my health so I wanted to share them with you all in the hope that they do the same for you to. I wrote this with a view of looking at your health holistically & not just based on food & exercise, you’ve gotta laugh, enjoy yourself, give back & do all of those other things that make you feel great otherwise whats the point in being here.

Have a killer Thursday, if you’re training today make sure you kick your own ass & if today is rest day then try laughing a lot or doing something to help someone that needs it.



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