Tips To Maintain Motivation (Part 2)

6. Read motivational quotes, books, podcasts, audiobooks etc.…

It’s a fact that we are all products of our environment, so why not consciously make your environment motivating.

In my experience most people get up in the morning & hit the snooze button, they then drag themselves out of bed, crawl to the shower, reach for the coffee & put on the news only to hear about how the economy has tanked, or there has been a terrorist attack abroad, or how well respected and trusted public figures have done something unethical & wrong. Then they leave the house, jump in the car, put the radio on, listen to the same repetitive pop songs interrupted by a news bulletin telling them that the roads are packed and delays are expected. Then they get to work surrounded by everyone else who has done the same thing & by 0830am they feel like their world has ended. Don’t even get me started on later in the day when they check their Facebook and see all of their friends moaning about how shit their lives are!!! It’s no wonder we can lose our motivation so easily. But what if I told you there was an alternative that had the complete opposite affect!

It’s really very simple, here’s a routine I have every morning to get my day started right.

0500 Alarm goes off and I wake straight up

0505 Take my supplements

0510 Listen to a positive podcast

0545 Either hit the gym or work on my goals

0645 Listen to my affirmations and focus on having a productive and positive day

0700 Spend time with the kids watching cartoons (not the news)

0800 Healthy breakfast

0830 Ready to carry on with the day

That’s my morning routine, the rest of the day is filled up in a similar way but it’s all geared towards positivity and fun.

Try it yourself; a small change and the development of positive daily habits compounded over time can have dramatic affects.

7. Reward yourself for achieving our goals

Earlier in the blog (Part 1) I talked about reverse engineering your goals and breaking them down into bite sized chunks. Once you’ve done that rather than wait until you’ve achieved the overall goal to reward yourself try doing it every time you hit one of the smaller milestones. We all like to get rewarded for our hard work & it’s a hell of a motivator. Quick example, smashing the gym and a strict diet for 2 weeks then having a pizza.

8. Work hard but have fun as well

I don’t think this needs too much explaining but I was once a victim of this myself. For me a while ago it was all about achieving the objective (I guess a habit from the military) and although I was doing great it was really hard work & I wasn’t enjoying myself as much as I thought I should so I made a shift. We’ve all heard the saying “its not about the destination but rather the journey” well don’t forget that, try not get to caught up in ‘achieving’ because as soon as you start to feel miserable it’s hard to get that initial motivation back.

9. Have a set of rituals or empowering daily habits

I talked about this just now in tip number 6. Its important that you consciously and deliberately set yourself up to win, there are already way too many distractions & negative influences around us as well as the dreaded naysayers and haters trying to bring you down so you have to work hard to have an empowering routine that over rides all of that & keeps you centered and focused on keeping your drive high & your direction positive.

10. Remove yourself from negative people, negative situations and negative influences

I talk about this all of the time, the proverbial “morale vampires” these are people that no matter how great things are going for them they’ll always find a negative and focus their energy on that. Spend as little time as possible with those people!!! It can be hard and it can feel like sometimes you’re being cruel & heartless but sometimes you have to think of yourself & your happiness first. Again motivation has a lot to do with your environment and it’s well within your power to shape that environment yourself, you owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to be in the best state that you can be for as much of the time as possible.

11. Turn your social media into a mobile vision board

For every negative thing you see out there on social media I’ve found at least two things that are positive & empowering and I use that to my advantage. It’s taken me a little bit of time to do it but throughout my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts I’ve purposely followed accounts that motivate and inspire me. I have a constant news feed filled with motivational video’s and quotes, I follow individuals who I feel are similar to me or people I aspire to be like and it has an incredible affect on my mood. Because of the social media dominant world we live in where the mobile phone is quickly becoming the television & the television is quickly becoming the radio this is probably the best tip I can give you. Write down how many times in a day you pick up your phone and scroll through your social media platforms, then write down how many negative & how many positive things you have seen/read throughout the day and make a change to use it to your advantage.

12. Visualise the end goal & imagine how you’ll feel when you get there

If we’re honest about it the only reason we set ourselves goals in life is because we love the way we feel when we achieve them. Once you hit the target your brain releases a shot of dopamine which makes us feel great and it is in fact a highly addictive feeling. Now often along the road to success we get derailed, we get demotivated, we get distracted and that’s when we just think f**k it I wont bother, one of the most powerful exercises I have ever used is to take 5 or 10 minutes when I‘m feeling that way to close my eyes and visualise having already achieved the goal. I sit there & imagine the way that I’m going to feel, I think about the compliments I might get from people, I think about the growth that I will have experienced as a person having pushed myself to get there and that gives almost a mini shot of dopamine and is in my opinion an extremely affective way to get yourself back on track and fired back up. Visualisation is incredibly powerful.


Well I hope you found some of these tips useful, remember knowledge isn’t power, action is power so rather than just reading this blog why don’t you try making a few changes in your life and implementing some of these strategies.

If you find them useful please shoot me a Tweet or comment on my Facebook & Instagram, I love to hear when people have found value in anything that I put out there.