Mark Ormrod | Motivational Speaker
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Mark Ormrod Motivational Speaker

Mark Ormrod

is a disabled motivational speaker, living in the UK.

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“The injuries I sustained in Afghanistan changed my life but… they do not define it… The skills and qualities that I have learned in the Military are what got me to where I am today. I hope to use the knowledge and experience I have gained since that fateful day to continue down the path I am on, continue to learn, grow, improve and keep setting and reaching my goals”.

Mark Ormrod

Mark Ormrod

What can you do with your life after a traumatic event and the loss of three limbs?


What can you do with your career after a traumatic event and the loss of three limbs?


Well you can choose to give up, hide, become angry, bitter and depressed or…….. you can turn a negative into a positive. Take your tragedy and your experience to help motivate and inspire others.


That’s exactly what I’ve chosen to do. I have chosen to take what happened to me and use it in a positive way to try and show people that when you have a traumatic experience in your life it is NOT the end of your life, because “it is your life”.


You choose how you live it, you choose how to handle it and you choose how to fulfill it because it’s up to you.


As well as working and fundraising for The Royal Marines Association I have decided to try my hand as a motivational speaker throughout the UK  and overseas. So far I have had a lot of positive experiences from it. I have really enjoyed sharing my experiences with others and seeing what their reactions are to how I tell them about my story.


I really hope to continue and grow as an inspirational and motivational speaker and hope others get as much out of listening to my experiences as I do sharing my story so far.


I’m obviously not the only injured soldier to have survived a traumatic incident in recent conflicts. I have injured friends who are also keen to share their experience’s as inspirational speakers.

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